No Cash; how to invest in yourself?

By | July 9, 2015

No Cash; how to invest in yourself?

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How do you invest in yourself when you don’t have any cash?

A few of the visitors to our site and our email subscribers have been saying that they do not have any spare money to invest in themselves, so we decided to write this Post giving some useful advice on how to utilise the assets and skills that you have to set up your Online Business.

Well first you have to take stock of the assets you do have. (Make a list) 

Then you also make another list of what you’re lacking to start this investment in yourself as well as what resources/support you’ll need to create your Online Business.

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You will need to work hard by doing a lot of Reading and Research to source free materials (personal to you) or when you are registered with Finance Magnate we will supply you with certain facilities as part of the Training we offer.

Some of these facilities and tools you will obtain along the way, whereas some; like a free website or training materials are available to you right now.

The most important requirement is a business idea, which might seem like trying to climb Mount Everest to some of you, but it is not that difficult with the help that we provide in Training depending on your type of business choice i.e Information Marketing, Blogging, eBay Shop or Affiliate Marketing.

Once you have decided on an idea, we then encourage, inspire and motivate you for the challenge with our initial goal-setting Tools and Training.

When you are ready and determined to succeed, we then Assist you with your Online Presence; Brand Name, Domain, Website, Social Media and Marketing.

You now get a picture of the process, but the key factor in this process is of course YOU.

Collaborating to success…

Driving the success of your business is you and that will not change even when you have a contingent of staff running the show.

Until then you are on our Training Program; so you treat Finance Magnate as your staff and we will take care of all the technical and administrative tasks for you, if that’s the option you choose.

So now that you have an idea and you are sourcing the materials like the content and images that you will need, we then help you to come up with a name if you haven’t done so already.

Some people have a name already because they like one that’s sentimental to them or they have been running their business without an online presence, there are many different scenarios for each individual, which is why we offer a one-to-one service.

Obviously there are more intricacies to the whole process but once the decisions are made you will obtain a domain and start to build your website (whether paid or free).

This is a good point to reiterate the reason you are reading this; either you find it intriguing and you want to invest in yourself; or you are just looking to garner information, well that’s fine too but we hope it’s because you want to succeed and you like our way of collaborating.

These are big decisions that will change your life but what is your alternative? To stay as you are and live your life out of someone else’s pockets (Employers).

Yes I know you work hard for your money; but that’s not what I mean, what I mean is that someone else determines your earnings as opposed to you determining the life that you want to live, as well as when and where you work.

Imagine sitting on a beach doing absolutely Nothing; whilst earning lots of cash!

The key here is to take a chance on what you know already and your determination to succeed.

It is important to realise that everything we are training you for is to change your life by providing goods or services to others, not necessarily to make money although you will find under the capitalist system they are one and the same.

If you want to manipulate that system for your own good; then take action!

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either way let us know what you think?

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