Is Entrepreneurship Right For You?

By | June 5, 2015

Is Entrepreneurship Right for You?

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Some say men make better entrepreneurs; we think not, it’s just that men have years of grooming for entrepreneurship.

College students want to be able to leave college and enter straight into entrepreneurial success in the business environment according to Barbara Mannino freelance writer for the Entrepreneur.

In an interview with Dr. Lena T. Rodriguez, program Dean for the School of Business, University of Phoenix who says; “The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in today’s business environment, but it is not limited to just those individuals starting their own businesses.”

Rodriguez says it encompasses individuals interested in innovation within other organizations: Intrapreneurs in a traditional corporate environment, ‘Socialpreneurs’ in a business directed toward social good and Nonprofitpreneurs in a Nonprofit group.

In other words students want to be ready for a role in business that justifies the work they have put into their education.

This is not always the case as most businesses tailor their vacancies around experience and thereby making the graduate start at the bottom of the ladder as it were.

So it stands to reason that successful students will seek to use their knowledge to set up their own business venture which will encompass the skills they have acquired.

Hard-working stay-at-home mums have also been known to succeed in setting up their own business ventures and putting the social skills (that businesses nowadays are ignoring) to the benefit of others as well as their families; along with Retirees and ex-Veterans who sometimes also find it hard to be accepted in today’s corporate world.

In a survey by ‘Laureate International Universities and Zogby Analytics’ it was found that 80% of students pursue higher education to improve their employment prospects and believe that the importance of education lies in fostering the right attitudes.
So said 27,000 students from 22 countries; the largest student survey of its kind.

“There is a problem in the workplace with incoming college grads not being prepared enough for the gruelling and sometimes ruthless world of work,” says Dr. Joanie Connell, president and CEO of Flexible Work Solutions and author of Flying without a Helicopter: Preparing Young People for Work and Life. “Students are not being set up to be leaders (let alone independent employees).”

This is why you see many companies stating that there is a skills gap although there is an increase in graduates.
The aim of higher education is to empower students with the skill-set to be able to enter the work environment with confidence, which business leaders are realizing is not happening without their input.

The skills gap can therefore be attributed to experience, not just knowing but doing; this requires good skills-management; identifying, understanding and deploying the right students to the relevant job roles.
That’s all well and good if you are an employer or student of the future, also if you are able to get an apprenticeship this should also fill that gap.

If however you are looking at it from your own alternative point of view, then you might want to do an exercise in your own skills-management; by identifying your core skill-set and researching the market requirements so as to work out what you could do to fulfil the market needs for your skill-set.

You can get apprenticeships in established trades, but what if you wanted to learn how to be an entrepreneur by way of an apprenticeship or actual real-time learning?

Well you are unlikely to get a successful entrepreneur to give you anything easy because they have made theirs the hard way, but there are other ways to get the soft skills and support that you need to deal with actual customers or the many other problems that they faced in developing their business.

Right from the very beginning we are able to help you develop a business idea and plan so that you expend the least amount of time and research that would have been vital to any successful entrepreneur.

This means that if say you are a single parent, our help makes it possible for you to spend more time with your family whilst still setting up your new income stream for the future.

If you are a retiree and not too familiar with the latest technology or tools, we will make the process understandable and help you design and develop your website simply and quickly.

Of course if you are a graduate and need the confidence of dealing with the real-world then we help you to navigate the pitfalls when starting out in self-employment and give you the benefit of our expertise and experience to lay the administrative foundations for you.

With your skills and our practical know-how we guarantee that your venture will be successful if you are willing to put the same effort that you would for an employer.

The reality is that because we are helping you, then much less than a 9-5 will get you the maximum rewards for your efforts.

We are not trying to get you to leave your comfort zone, just add to it; so you wouldn’t necessarily have to stop what you are doing now.

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