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Infographic - Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy (Click Image to enlarge)

Chart - Internet Users Global Penetration

Internet Impact on Sector of Economy/Society USA

Infographic facts on World occupations

World Occupations (Click image to enlarge)

Here is a selection of some best-selling books; that will help you in your wealth creation & decision-making.


This infographic is useful to identify possible niche markets and the online buying activity in the United States as published by the US. Census Bureau:

Infographic on e-commerce sales facts

Online Purchases (Click image to enlarge)


Social Media Facts and Figures

Social Media Facts and Figures (Click image to enlarge)

 7 facts about Bill Gates           

Facts about Bill Gates (Click image to enlarge)

You will find some more facts & knowledgeable material on Bill Gates in our post: “What does it take to be an Entrepreneur“.



Infographic - 13 reasons you are not successful

13 Common Excuses (Click image to enlarge)       

Infographic - 18 things mentally strong people do

18 things mentally strong people do (Click image to enlarge)

Infographic - Net Minimum Wages

Net Minimum Wages at Purchasing Power Parities (click to enlarge)

The key to success is to focus on your weaknesses not only in education, facts & knowledge, but also in the areas of personal development and maturity. On top of these vital prerequisites you will need to work hard; for the business to be established and grow.

The most nerving of factors is that you will have to take a risk and conquer your own fears, it is not about what others are doing but what it is that you are doing, as the infographic below explains.

Infographic - The Success Indicator.

Which category do you come under? (Click image to enlarge)

Infographic on Write-Offs for Small Business in the US

Small Business Tax Write-Offs (USA) Click to enlarge


Infographic - American Financial Statistics

American Financial Statistics that might shock you! 



Financemagnate.co.uk - Web Hosting Infographic Guide

Guide to Web Hosting Infographic – Financemagnate.co.uk 





(WEF) Graphic - The World's Happiest Countries

Facts & Knowledge – The world’s happiest countries (WEF) 

Facts & Knowledge Infographic - 6 mindsets of the financially free

6 Mindsets of the Financially Free – By John Assaraf

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