Debate: How safe is your pension?

By | March 25, 2015
Cash in rubbish bin

What’s it worth?

 Hi folks,

this is a debate on;

the safety of your ‘safe haven’.

The Chief Economist of the Bank of England has announced that UK interest rates have the same chance of falling as increasing.

So you have to ask yourself the question – how well will my savings and investments perform in a high street bank account or in an ISA?

I thought this debate would be useful to assess how much confidence folks really have in their retirement plans?

“In God we trust”  

We are always told to trust;

the respected and elected to do what’s best for us.

 Question is, do you?

or is it, that there is no better option?

There are a lot of intelligent people in this world but what is the agenda?

To travel further into space?

For some of our ‘Financial Magnate’s’ that is definitely on the agenda.

My question is to you the public; What do you think is the agenda for you and your families?

We have an answer for most of you but I would like to hear your voice, because that is what this site is all about, What answers are you looking for?

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Here is a professional video by Hargreaves Lansdown TV; which will explain what the current situation is, as far as United Kingdom pensions are concerned:

So join in the discussion and voice your opinion.

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For more impartial guidance and information; go to Pension wise (

If you have a query about your pension or need guidance/updates, you can contact the Pension Ombudsman who also have the power to settle complaints, disputes and the service is Free, Fair and Impartial:

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