Change your life! What kind of life is this?

By | March 15, 2015

Change your life! What kind of life is this?

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 One of my friends was telling me that she was indebted to the bank, owed money for the car, had some store cards and her wages just kept her afloat. She didn’t know how to change things but she definitely wanted to.

Living from hand to mouth and want to change your quality of life? 

Living with debt and don’t know your ‘Net Worth’?

Do you know the best way to earn extra money?

 I take it that you want to change your life today?

A Good Samaritan…

We hear that the economy is growing (With debt), but you are not getting enough of it, you feel left out and need to do something, but have no idea what to actually do.

Sometimes we need help and guidance from people who were in that exact same position before and managed to find a way out.

Someone who knows exactly what steps to take, guide you onto that road to wealth and happiness, whereby you can afford to live the life you want; not the life someone else wants you to live.

You might ask; where are you going to find this kind of person and why would they want to help you?

Do you think that the world is full of bad people without any good Samaritans?

Are you a good person that would help someone if you could?

Well these are some good questions that only you can answer, but there are good people in this world and if you answered ‘Yes’ to the last question then Join us

Finding Purpose to your Life… What kind of life is this?

The thing is until you have been through that grinder of penury and realize that the only way for you to rise out of normality, is to take action to change your life for the better; rise up and be counted!

To be counted you have to stand out in the crowd and let the world know that you are an important part of it.

No one can do it for you but they can be your guide your walking stick as it were.

The point I am making is that a walking stick is a support and you use that support to make little steps, obviously if you are managing to walk already (maintain a standard of living) and now you’re learning to run or jump (physio) then you also need the support that will help you to do that.

We can help you every Step of the way at: Finance Magnate UK

Is this You?

Once I was out on a limb; I had an alright job and a car but I felt ordinary and I wanted more out of life. I didn’t like being tied down by my lack of the right knowledge and motivations, doing all the things that stereo-typically I should do.

My quality of life sucked so much that even when I was out with friends supposedly enjoying myself, they noticed that I wasn’t but I didn’t.

One of my friends was telling me that she was indebted to the bank, owed money for the car, had some store cards and her wages just kept her afloat. She didn’t know how to change things but she definitely wanted to.

I noticed that I was hearing this more and more even from parents who were trying to raise their children as well as making ends meet; they never had any spare time to spend with them which defeats the reason for having them in the first place.

Also that the whole point of them working was so that they could give them what they never had, like a good education, etc. (which is expensive nowadays). As well as teaching them some of the things they don’t always get to learn at school.

I was in my local electrical store the other day and I overheard a conversation where one man was telling the other about his monetary value, he said “Do you feel that you deserve a pay rise” and the other man said “I do, but my boss said that I was asking for more than my worth”. So as far as he is concerned my worth is only measured according to his profit & loss, which could undermine your real worth.

So what are you worth to yourself?

That was my question earlier and to work that out you have to look at your value to the market with your Skills/talent and knowledge.

What goods and services can you offer to others?

or are you economically disabled by circumstances of birth and need the help of others to increase your wealth and happiness?

We are going to be exploring these questions in our training and upcoming posts; we will offer you solutions to change your life for the better by learning to share your acquired skills/talent and passions with others so that you can generate more revenue streams and obtain/maintain the life you want.

There are many ways to engage yourself to achieve happiness, for many it is social interaction whereas for some it is through hard work…

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    1. FMVocal Post author

      Hi Zumalt, I too thought this Post was funny in the way it has been written but “Many a true word spoken in jest”.
      I think that some of the academics don’t realise that when speaking to others they speak with their educated language and life experiences, not realising that many are insecure and don’t express themselves in that way.
      At Finance Magnate UK we want to help those who are not so fortunate in life so far and need to improve their lifestyles.
      We would like your help by telling us the experiences you had that will inspire others.
      Please keep in touch for the benefit of all who are not as fortunate and require knowledge to change their standard of living.
      Best wishes,

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