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We do both! @ Finance Magnate UK.

Do You find that Your life has no positive direction which would allow You to do the things You have dreamed of?

To travel more or create useful things, of value to others.

What would it take for You to commit to change and a better lifestyle?

The answer is Confidence! There are many ways to gain confidence one of which is to hangout with people who have loads…

Well welcome to our website and we hope that You will learn about us, as well as to trust & verify our Information/Services; that we are sure will empower You to create Your own online businesses by providing good Products and Services which some of the 3 billion Internet consumers are searching for.

The Services/Products that we will offer to You during Your visits to Our site and beyond, are reliable and of very high quality.


Some of the links on our website/posts are affiliated. We’re letting You know because it’s what Honest folk would do. 


At ‘Finance Magnate UK’ we’re made up of several business and private individuals (Us);

How we operate is; firstly, we have to know how we can assist You to achieve the goals You have set.

We call it “establishing wavelengths” which allows us to communicate in unison.

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Once we are on the same page we then offer Our expert assistance in the areas that You are weak allowing You to concentrate on the stuff that You do best.

Most people are weak in money-management and want to simply win the lottery to solve their problems, but even if some of them won the lottery they would still not be good at money-management and require advisers to handle their investments.

We say Invest in Yourself, which is the first step in Your wealth creation…

To do this You need to establish the facts of Your situation and the requirements to achieve Your needs, wants and desires…

Our payment comes with Your Success!!!

If You don’t know what You have to do first; then that’s where we come in, but You must have the dedication and determination to follow the process to achieve.

We are dedicated to delivering a 5 star service which will help You in Your efforts towards Success and Wealth.

We pride Ourselves on giving ‘Valued Support’ and ‘Resources’ which make it easier for budding ‘Entrepreneurs’ to build their online businesses.

All You have to do is commit to Your future success! Start.

or email enquiries to: info@financemagnate.co.uk

Mags bio: 

I personally have been in business for many years, starting out working in ‘Accountancy’ as a ‘Filing Clerk’ and the person who made the tea; you might laugh but they are very important roles in the office.

I then progressed to ‘Assistant Accountant’ with the help and tutelage of a very selfless ‘Financial Director’; of a subsidiary of ‘The British Printing Corporation’. I was a teenager then with a very radical outlook on life, this led me to a sabbatical to Ethiopia; which taught me many lessons about myself and what I thought I wanted in life.

When I returned to the UK I worked in Publishing again as a ‘Assistant Accountant’ with another subsidiary of British Printing Corporation; this gave me a more sole charge role and more responsibility which leveraged my earnings, therefore my lifestyle. With my new accomplishment and purpose I went into the ‘Travel Industry’ and enjoyed all the perks of the trade, learning about the world and the different currencies thereof, along with the responsibility of the ‘Accountant’ who had to open shop, load the tills, boot up the machinery and computers, handle all the day-to-day problems associated with the business, like currency transactions, debt chasing, banking, management reporting, staff handling, queries etc.


This got me started in my own business ventures, the first of which was a ‘Financial Services’ company and I used the power of the computer to handle the mundane tasks related to the finance business. Realizing the benefit of computers I went on to learn more about them and to what use I could put them to, which eventually has brought me to setting up my online businesses.

My point in disclosing all this is not to inform You of my life, because there is much, much more I could tell, but You would probably drop asleep, no it’s to let you relate to the fact that we all have our stories and dreams and it is not about us…

Only YOU can change Your circumstances!

We started the very same way as You are about to, which is why we share Our business expertise that is guaranteed to attract new customers for Your products and services, enabling You to establish Your income streams.

We know that all our visitors want to be financially secure, it is just a matter of how to get there.

Our aim is to empower You with the motivation, support, tools, knowledge and expertise to create and build a thriving online business that generates regular income.

Our Integrity is to Help You!

This organization consists of some of the most knowledgeable and successful people in the ‘Internet Marketing’ business,  The Mint who are here to assist You to reach Your goals.

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Here is a video that epitomizes our philosophy at ‘Finance Magnate’; please take some time to watch and enjoy:

We hope You feel as we do; in that by Paying-it-forward we all benefit from each other if we all put in the ‘Work’ required.

We have much more to offer You but it takes two.

To access any of Our Resources and Training programs; please Subscribe then we will register Your account and give You the passwords to Your success.

Trust Finance Magnate to Guide You to Your Success.

Join us and let’s grow together:

Take Action!!!

Register with us for a ‘Free Coaching Call’. (UK only)

At Your service

Finance Magnate Team.

All the best

So let us know what You think ?

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